Integrated, Smart, Low Carbon, Shared Mobility

InclusivEV Cityscape


InclusivEV is a pan-European, EIT Climate KIC funded project, demonstrating the potential for electric vehicles to be used for car sharing schemes in low income, city neighbourhoods.

What is the project?

A total of 90 vehicles will be deployed across three EU cities: Solihull, Modena and Valencia. The sites will be developed in a phased approach so that each site can learn from each other.

What is the aim of the project?

The project aims to validate the business case for electric car clubs in low-income neighbourhoods to unlock a new market of 13.5 million households, cutting carbon emissions and improving air quality.

How will the aims be achieved?

A specialist electric car club will deploy 30 vehicles in each Solihull, Valencia and Modena, to test the operational requirements and consumer demand. An innovative pre-payment system will also be developed.