Update on progress

North Solihull is the first location to undergo the role out of chargepoints and start the ECar delivery of a car share service. This past year work has been underway to establish sites and install chargepoints, as well as working with the community to engage them in the scheme. Lessons learnt from the Solihull rollout will be passed on the Valencia and Modena for phase two and three.

Chargepoints and Car Club Sites

Car Club Sites are all in place and running in North Solihull. The locations for charge point were identified using the critical success factors found in the pathfinder project. Then through engagement and intensive work with the local authority to ensure the sites were suitable from the community perspective. There are 9 sites in total, covering Chelmsley Wood, Fordbridge, Kinghurst, Smith’s Wood and Castle Bromwich Areas. See the ECar website for locations

EV-elocity – Joining the project

In order to maximise business opportunities for the ECar club the project will link up with innovated vehicle to grid project EV-elocity. Sites in Solihull will now be assess for suitability to join the programme.


Vehicle Deployment

Vehicles in North Solihull are in place and ready for use. Currently the fleet will consist of Renault Zoe Z.E (40KW) cars and some Renault Zoe Z.E (24KW) cars to allowed for variable hire rates. ECar will test some Nissan Leaf (40KW) vehicles as part of the EV-elocity vehicle to grid project. They will also monitor interest for eclectic vans before deciding deploying any. Find out more about the vehicles used.


Community Engagement

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A communications and engagement plan has been put together by ECar, who will be engaging with residents on a number of platforms including events, print, local and community press, social media and online. They will track where engagement comes from and what is successful using promotion codes and where digital sign ups come from.

By working with the local authority and the local housing association the project will engage with communities and volunteer schemes, to promote the scheme and encourage take up.